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July 16, 2024

Big landslide on Thandi road, hostel vacated, geologists told alarming for Nainital


Dr. Navin Joshi @ Navin Samachar, 31 August, 2021. Nainital. The continuous landslide on the Thandi road of Nainital since Friday night has burst on Monday night. Here in the night, a huge amount of debris drowned in naini lake through the Thandi road. The landslide is happening from the compound just below the newly constructed section of KP Girls Hostel of DSB campus. Therefore, both the new and old sections of KP Girls Hostel have been threatened by this.

After this, the B block of KP Hostel has been vacated. Many trees have also been felled due to the landslide, power lines and railings along the cold road have also been damaged, and newly installed street light poles have also collapsed and Thandi road is blocked. It is worth noting that pedestrian traffic has already been stopped on on this road. Geologist Dr. Bahadur Singh Kotlia has described it as an alarming warning for Nainital city and has also expressed the possibility of this landslide as dangerous as Ballianala in future. See related video :

After the information of the incident, the director of DSB campus, Prof. LM Joshi along with DSW and Engineer visited the hostel and took stock of the situation. Pr. Joshi said that considering the seriousness of the incident, the B block of KP Hostel has been vacated and the girl students residing here have been shifted to A block. Along with this, a letter has been written by DSW to the District Magistrate of Nainital and other high officials, requesting to take immediate action in this matter under the divine calamity. At the same time, the DSB administration is making a proposal to repair the drains on its behalf.

On this land Slide Geologist Pr. Bahadur Singh Kotlia said that this is the weakest area of ​​the city after Ballianala. Starting from Raj Bhavan, DSB Gate to Raj Bhavan Road via Flats area, Band Stand to Grand Hotel and going to 7-number. This area has been witnessing frequent landslides since last few years. It started with a major landslide near DSB Gate in 1998. Then it was recommended not to do any construction work here, but after that there started big number of constructions near the gate of DSB. Due to this regular land slides are ocuring on Raj Bhavan Road, Band Stand and Grand Hotel. And still, works being done on Raj Bhavan Road and Lower Mall Road without checking the load carrying capacity and moisture level in the ground. These jobs requires high level engineering. He also said, In future, this collapse can also take a frightening like Ballianala.

It is noteworthy that this landslides have started at this place from July 21 of last month. A little debris came here that day. On the same day, the Raj Bhavan Road was buried near the Palika market. Since then there was intermittent landslides. Whereas on Friday, August 27, after the arrival of a big boulder, there was a big landslide again, and since then the landslide is going on. The same landslide has now come on Monday night in a big way and is also visible from the side of Mall Road like a stain on the green hill. Dozer machines have also responded by removing this debris. Click here to read other latest News from ‘Navin Samachar’.

Also read : Car accident in Nainital, four people were in car, two seriously injured

Dr. Navin Joshi @ Navin Samachar, 30 August, 2021. Nainital. The area between Baliyakhan to Rusi bypass of Nainital is making a bad reputation as an accident prone site. Here on a relatively flat road, the vehicles run fast and keep on crashing at the turns. On Sunday again, a Centro car number DL8CN-9299 crashed near the Rusi bypass, about 8 km from the headquarters on the Haldwani-Nainital road. This car of tourists returning from Nainital to Haldwani fell into a ditch about 200 meters deep near a turn ,a little further towards Haldwani from the Rusi bypass turn. There were four people in the car. Two of them have been seriously injured in the accident. The injured have been identified as Mukesh Kumar, Yogesh Baghel, Satya and Kanhaiya Lal, residents of Palam Colony East Delhi. See related video :

Tallital police station, SDRF and fire department personnel of Nainital under the leadership of station in-charge Vijay Mehta conducted a search and rescue operation and the injured were rescued from the ditch and brought on the road. Mr Mehta told that the four injured have serious injuries. It is being told that the car riders are working in the medical college in Delhi. It is being told that the accident happened while the car was overtaking a bus. During this there was also deep fog, due to which the driver probably did not see the turn and the car fell into the ditch breaking the parfait. Meanwhile, two youths in the vehicle jumped in the middle, while two youths along with the vehicle went into the ditch. Luckily the car got stuck on a tree. Fire officer Chandan Ram, Amar Singh, Sandeep Singh, Bhopal Singh, Kuldeep Kumar, Manoj Bhatt, Jasbir Singh, Mohan Singh, Dinesh Singh and Rajendra Singh were also involved in the rescue work. Click here to read other latest News from ‘Navin Samachar’.

Also read : Today 16 New Corona Cases in UK, 7 out of them are students from Nainital, 2 micro containment zones declared after this…

Dr. Navin Joshi @ Navin Samachar, 29 August, 2021. Nainital. There has been a decrease in new cases of corona in Uttarakhand on Sunday as well. Today, only 16 new cases have come in the state, while 7 patients have recovered, and no infected have died. Due to the low number of people recovering from new cases, the number of active infected people under treatment has increased by 9 to 335.

According to the state’s health bulletin on Sunday, in the last 24 hours, the maximum number of 7 in Nainital, 3 in Dehradun, 2-2 in Pithoragarh and US Nagar, one each in Almora and Rudraprayag and Bageshwar, Chamoli, Champawat, Haridwar, Pauri, Tehri and in Uttarkashi i.e. 7 districts, there are zero new cases.

Although, only 16 cases came today in hole state, but out of these, 7 i.e. about half came only in Nainital district. It has been told that all 7 are students of Government Medical College, Haldwani.

District’s ACMO Dr. Rashmi Pant told that all these infected are the students of Govt. medical colleges, Haldwani. It was also told that actually they have been found infected yesterday, but has been included in today’s report.

After this, DM Nainital, Dhiraaj Garbyal has declared hostel number one and two of the medical college as a micro-containment zone. It is noteworthy that earlier on August 25 and 26 in the medical college, 8 and 4 i.e. a total of 12 girl students were found infected respectively. Now their number has increased to 19. Click here to read other latest News from ‘Navin Samachar’.

Also read : Breaking Nainital: Again landslide in ‘Thandi Sadak’, fear of 1998 started haunting…

Dr. Navin Joshi @ Navin Samachar, 29 August, 2021. Nainital. Weak from geological point of view, there has been a big landslide on the Thandi Sadak again. The landslide started near the Pashan Devi temple here since last July, while after Friday, there has been a big landslide here on Saturday night too. This time a huge boulder along with a huge amount of debris has come on the route.

This has led to pedestrians walking over the rubble, and are apprehensive about the massive landslide that occurred near the gate of the DSB campus in 1998. Because this landslide is happening near the same place. ahead There is also a fear of continuing landslides here, in such a situation there is a possibility of an accident due to unintentional big landslides during the day. On the other hand, after widening the road on Haldwani road from the mountain side, the vehicular movement has become smooth to an extent.

Apart from this, landslides one another landslide also occurred in Pitaria area of ​​Barapathar. Here a huge boulder has fallen near the houses of the people living here. It is noteworthy that in the same area in the year 2008-09, three members of a family were buried under the boulder after falling on the house of one such boulder. Click here to read other latest News from ‘Navin Samachar’.

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