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उत्तराखंड वन विभाग में बड़े पैमाने पर आईएफएस अधिकारियों के तबादले, बीजू लाल को भी लंबे समय बाद मिली बड़ी जिम्मेदारी (transfer of IFS officers)

transfers of IFS officers, The Uttarakhand Forest Department has witnessed a large-scale transfer of IFS officers, bringing significant changes to key positions. Notably, Biju Lal, former DFO of Nainital, has been entrusted with the important role of Conservator of Forests, South Kumaon Circle, Nainital. The government has released a transfer list affecting several senior officials, with new responsibilities assigned across various divisions and projects within the department.


आईजी ने एक दरोगा को निलंबित कर दिया पूरे पुलिस महकमे को बड़ा संदेश, भारी पड़ेगी हीलाहवाली (daroga-suspend)

In a significant development, Inspector General of Police, Dr. Nilesh Anand Bharne, has sent a strong message to the entire police department by suspending Sub-inspector Manoj Kumar. This action has created a huge uproar within the department. The decision was made due to Manoj Kumar’s failure to address a complainant’s grievance seriously. He was the in-charge of Kathgodam’s Kheda Chowki. As a result, Manoj Kumar has been attached to the police office.

The incident unfolded during a public interaction session called Janta Darbar when Rupraj’s son, Gangaram, brought forward a complaint against Mohan Chandra Padaliya’s son, Keshav Dutt Padaliya, regarding a disputed land deal. Despite filing a complaint at Chowki Kheda, the in-charge did not take proper action or impartially investigate the case. daroga suspend

Shok Suchana Suicide

बड़ा समाचार: मुख्यमंत्री आवास में कमांडो की एके-47 राइफल की गोली से मौत, आत्महत्या या दुर्घटना में उलझी मौत की गुत्थी (CM awas men commando ki goli se maut)

Big news: CM awas men commando ki goli se maut, A shocking incident unfolded at the Chief Minister’s residence as a commando was shot dead by an AK-47 rifle. The circumstances surrounding the death have raised questions about whether it was a case of suicide or an unfortunate accident. The tragic demise of the commando has left everyone stunned. The incident took place at the highly secured Mukhyamantree Aavaas, leading to speculation and investigations to determine the cause of the fatal gunshot. Stay tuned for more updates as the investigation delves into the mysterious circumstances surrounding this untimely and tragic incident.

Ravindra Riva Solanki Jadeja

कौन हैं रीवा जिन्होंने आईपीएल के फाइनल मैच के बाद क्रिकेटर के पैर छुवे, और गले लगाया (Riva Solanki)

Riva Solanki Jadeja, also known as Reeva Solanki, gained attention when she touched the feet of Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja and hugged him after the final match of IPL. Who is Riva Solanki? She is the person who showed deep respect and admiration for Ravindra Jadeja by humbly touching his feet and embracing him in a heartwarming moment. Ravindra Jadeja, an esteemed Indian cricketer, played a crucial role in the IPL final match. Riva Solanki’s gesture of touching Jadeja’s feet and hugging him reflects the respect and love she holds for the cricketer. Learn more about Riva Solanki and her unforgettable encounter with Ravindra Jadeja after the IPL final match.” Who is Riva solanki who touched the feets of Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s feet and hugged him after the final match of IPL, kaun hain Reeva Solanki jinhonne IPL ke Final maich ke baad Crickter Ravindra Jadeja ke pair chhuve, aur gale bhi lagaaya, 


ऐसे भी हैवान पति, पत्नी पर गलत पर अप्राकृतिक तरीके से सेक्स का दबाव डालता था पति, अब पत्नी की अश्लील वीडियो उसके भाई को भेज दी (haivan pati)

haivan pati, Such a fierce husband, the husband used to pressurize the wife to have sex in a wrong but unnatural way, now sent the pornographic video of the wife to her brother, aise bhee haivaan pati, patnee par galat par apraakrtik tareeke se seks ka dabaav daalata tha pati, ab patnee kee ashleel veediyo usake bhaee ko bhej dee,


उच्च न्यायालय को नैनीताल से हल्द्वानी के गौलापार स्थानांतरित करने को धामी कैबिनेट ने दी मंजूरी, बड़ा सवाल-कहां से आएगा इतना अधिक पैंसा (Approvel to Transfer of High Court from Nainital to Haldwani’s Gaulapar)

The Dhami cabinet has given its approval for the transfer of the High Court from Nainital to Gaulapar in Haldwani. This decision raises the important question of funding and the source of such a large amount of money required for the transfer. It has been revealed that the High Court will be constructed on approximately 26 hectares of land located near the international stadium. This move signifies a significant development in the judicial infrastructure of the region, but the financial implications and the availability of funds remain a matter of concern.


भावुक कर देने वाला दुःखद समाचार: चिकित्सक दंपति ने साथ जान देकर निभाई साथ जीने-मरने की कसम (Pati-Patni ne Sath Di Jaan)

Pati-Patni ne Sath Di Jaan: Emotionally Sad News of a Doctor Couple Vowing to Live and Die Together”, In a heart-wrenching and emotionally sad news, a doctor couple has taken a solemn oath to live and die together. This act of unwavering commitment and love has touched the hearts of many. The bond between the pati-patni (husband and wife) is truly extraordinary as they have pledged to be there for each other through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. This news showcases the depth of their love and the strength of their relationship. It is a testament to the power of true companionship and the vows they have taken to stay united until the end.


नैनीताल के आज के चुनिंदा ‘नवीन समाचार’ (Nainital News 31 May 2023)

Nainital News 31 May 2023, Today’s selected ‘New News’ of Nainital, Dr. Sanwal became President of Kumaon University Non-Teaching Staff Association, Jagdish Secretary, National Poetry Seminar will be held on the 200th birth anniversary year of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret in Startups Explained the utility of geo tagging, strategy for organizing awareness camps in drug-affected areas and banning drug trade, Governor’s Cup Sailing Regatta to be held in Naini Lake: Governor, MA Geography exam results declared,

Blog News Wild Life

सैलानियों के आवागमन के बीच नैनीताल-हल्द्वानी रोड पर ताकुला में दिखा दुनियां का सबसे लंबा विषधर ‘हिमालयन किंग कोबरा’ (King Cobra)

King Cobra, World’s longest venomous ‘Himalayan King Cobra’ seen in Takula on Nainital-Haldwani road amid traffic of tourists, People were thrilled with fear after seeing a poisonous snake twice the length of a human, sailaaniyon ke aavaagaman ke beech naineetaal-haldvaanee rod par taakula mein dikha duniyaan ka sabase lamba vishadhar ‘himaalayan king kobara’ -manushy se dogunee lambaee ke vishadhar ko dekhakar bhay ke saath romaanchit hue log


उत्तराखंड: कैबिनेट बैठक में लिए 7000 पदों पर भर्ती व दर्जनों नए पदों, नई तहसील आदि के 52 बड़े निर्णय (Uttarakhand Cabinet baithak)

Uttarakhand Cabinet baithak, Uttarakhand: Recruitment of 7000 posts and dozens of new posts, new tehsil etc. in the cabinet meeting, 52 big decisions, uttaraakhand: kaibinet baithak mein lie 7000 padon par bhartee va darjanon nae padon, naee tahaseel aadi ke 52 bade nirnay


नाबालिग किशोरी को भगाने के प्रयासों से लोग हुए आक्रोशित, आक्रोश देख दूसरे समुदाय के 42 व्यापारी गायब ! (Uttarkashi-42 Vyapari gayab)

42 Vyapari gayab, People got angry due to the attempts to drive away the minor girl, 42 businessmen of other community disappeared after seeing the anger, naabaalig kishoree ko bhagaane ke prayaason se log hue aakroshit, aakrosh dekh doosare samudaay ke 42 vyaapaaree gaayab


अल्मोड़ा में बारात के लिए आए 16 साल के नाबालिग की नदी में डूबने से मौत, हल्द्वानी में युवक का शव मिलने से सनसनी (Haldwani-Almora 2 ki maut)

Haldwani-Almora 2 young boys died, A 16-year-old minor who came for a wedding procession in Almora died due to drowning in the river, sensation after the dead body of a young man was found in Haldwani, almoda mein baaraat ke lie aae 16 saal ke naabaalig kee nadee mein doobane se maut, haldvaanee mein yuvak ka shav milane se sanasanee


14 वर्षीय बच्ची के शव को कब्र से निकालकर पोस्टमॉर्टम कराया गया, पिता पर हत्या का आरोप (Kichchha-Kabr se nikaalakar shav ka PM)

Kabr se nikaalakar shav ka PM, postamortam, The dead body of a 14-year-old girl was taken out of the grave and postmortem done, father accused of murder, 14 varsheey bachchee ke shav ko kabr se nikaalakar postamortam karaaya gaya, pita par hatya ka aarop


हल्द्वानी में 26 साल की शिक्षिका की संदिग्ध मौत, मौत से पहले दी जानकारी (Haldwani-Shikshika ne ki aatmhatya)

Shikshika ne ki aatmhatya, Suspicious death of 26 year old teacher in Haldwani, information given before death, haldvaanee mein 26 saal kee shikshika kee sandigdh maut, maut se pahale dee jaanakaaree


हिंदी पत्रकारिता के लिए 30 मई आजादी के दिवस 15 अगस्त की तरह महत्वपूर्ण: डॉ. जोशी (May 30 Hindi Patrakarita diwas)

May 30, Hindi Patrakarita diwas, is as important as August 15 as Independence Day for Hindi journalism: Dr. Navin Joshi, NUJ-I celebrated Hindi Journalism Day, condoled the demise of journalist Umesh Pant, hindee patrakaarita ke lie 30 maee aajaadee ke divas 15 agast kee tarah mahatvapoorn: do. joshee -enayooje-aaee ne manaaya hindee patrakaarita divas, patrakaar umesh pant ke nidhan par jataee shok sanvedana