बड़ा समाचार: होटल एसोसिएशन नैनीताल के पदाधिकारियों से मिले राज्यपाल, पार्किंग की समस्या के समाधान पर कही बड़ी बात (Governor met officials)

Governor met officials, Governor met Hoteliers, Big news: The Governor met the officials of the Hotel Association Nainital, said a big deal on the solution to the parking problem
Said- Efforts should be made for tunnel parking, multi-storey parking and ropeway etc. in Nainital, collective efforts, modernization of infrastructure facilities and value addition were also suggested.
Naveen Samachar, Nainital, 7 June 2023. The Governor of Uttarakhand, retired Lieutenant General Gurmeet Singh held a meeting with the office bearers of Hotel Association Nainital at Nainital Raj Bhavan on Wednesday. In the meeting, the Governor discussed in detail with the officials the challenges related to facilities and infrastructure development for tourists in Nainital and received their suggestions.

Education News

नैनीताल के 6 जून के चुनिंदा ‘नवीन समाचार’ (Nainital News File 6 June 2023)

Nainital’s selected ‘New News’ of June 6, summer vacation declared in Kumaon University, Kumaon University declared exam results, Bal Vidya Mandir won inter-school group song competition based on Uttarakhandi folk culture, naineetaal ke 6 joon ke chuninda naveen samaachaar, kumaoon vivi mein greeshmaavakaash ghoshit, kumaoon vivi ne kie pareeksha parinaam ghoshit, uttaraakhandee lok sanskrti par aadhaarit antaravidyaalayee samooh gaan pratiyogita baal vidya mandir ne jeetee,


राज्य के विश्वविद्यालयों में प्रवेश की बदली प्रक्रिया, अब उत्तराखंड शासन की वेबसाइट से होगा पंजीकरण (admission process in Uttarakhand state universities)

admission process in Uttarakhand state universities, The admission process in state universities in Uttarakhand has undergone a significant change, as students will now be required to register through the official website of the Uttarakhand government. This new system applies to the admission process for the first semester of graduation courses for intermediate pass students. The online registration for admission in universities has already commenced on the Uttarakhand government’s dedicated website, ( This streamlined online process aims to simplify and enhance the admission procedure for the academic session 2023-24 in all state universities, including Kumaon University.


अमिताभ बच्चन के कॉलेज पहुंचे उत्तराखंड के राज्यपाल, कही बड़ी बात (Sherwood College 154th anniversary)

Sherwood College 154th anniversary, The Governor of Uttarakhand, retired Lieutenant General Gurmeet Singh, graced the 154th anniversary celebration of Sherwood College in Nainital, the alma mater of Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. Honoring the dedicated teachers, staff, and outstanding students, the Governor emphasized the crucial role of the youth in shaping India’s future. He highlighted the significance of the next 25 years, known as the Amrit Kaal, in realizing the vision of a developed, self-reliant, and globally influential India. The Governor emphasized that the youth’s active participation will be pivotal in achieving this transformative goal.


नैनीताल के आज 4 जून के चुनिंदा ‘नवीन समाचार’ (Nainital News 4 June 2023)

Nainital News 4 June 2023, Selected ‘New News’ of Nainital today, 4th June, 184th Foundation Day celebrated in a grand way at Sherwood College, World Environment Day will be celebrated on the theme of ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, special cleaning campaign and millet fair organized on World Environment Day Children went on trekking to Tiffin Top-Barapathar as part of Late Chandra Lal Sah Memorial Centenary Celebrations, naineetaal ke aaj 4 joon ke chuninda naveen samaachaar, sheravud kolej mein bhavy tareeke se manaaya gaya 184vaan sthaapana divas, ‘beet plaastik polyooshan’ kee theem par manaaya jaega vishv paryaavaran divas, vishv paryaavaran divas par vishesh saphaee abhiyaan evan milet mele ka aayojan, svargeey chandr laal saah smrti shataabdee samaaroh ke tahat treking par tiphin top-baaraapatthar gae bachche.

Accident News

नैनीताल-भवाली रोड पर दुर्घटना, यूपी के सैलानी की मौत, एक अन्य गंभीर (Accident on Nainital-Bhawali road)

Accident on Nainital-Bhawali road, UP tourist killed, another serious
Naveen Samachar, Nainital, 4 June 2023. A car of tourists met with an accident on Sunday near the tourist town of Nainital. One tourist died in the accident while another tourist traveling in the car was seriously injured and others were also injured. Police has sent the body of the deceased for postmortem after filling the panchayatnama.

Kotwali men Hangama

देर रात्रि तक कोतवाली में आमने-सामने हुए दो धर्म-संप्रदायों के लोग, आखिर दो मुकदमे दर्ज, दो गिरफ्तार (Kotwali men hangama)

Kotwali men hangama, Clash between two religious sects in Kotwali leads to arrests. Naveen Samachar reports that a heated brawl erupted between individuals from different religious sects, causing tension in Kotwali until late night. The Kotwali police have responded by filing two cases and apprehending one person from each side, aiming to restore peace in the city.


बिग ब्रेकिंग: 5 महिला उप निरीक्षकों के तबाबले (mahila darogaon ke transfers)

mahila darogaon ke transfers, SSP Pankaj Bhatt of Nainital district has transferred 5 women sub-inspectors of civil police with immediate effect late on Friday evening. Suddenly only women sub-inspectors are being searched due to transfers.
According to the orders issued just now, women sub-inspector Priyanka Maurya has been transferred from Thana Mukteshwar to Thana Mallital, Manisha Singh from Police Line Thana Mukteshwar, Pooja Mehra from Thana Mallital to Thana Bhawali, Jyoti Koranga from the jurisdictional office Haldwani to Thana Haldwani and Neetu to Thana Haldwani. Thana has been transferred to Ramnagar.

Astha government News

नैनीताल के आज 2 जून के चुनिंदा ‘नवीन समाचार’ (Nainital News 2 June 2023)

Nainital News 2 June 2023, Nainital news, Mata Ki Chowki, 11th June, World Environment Day, cleanliness campaign, exam results, volunteer women, Bhimtal tour, Governor meeting, hotel association, home stay operators, local events, news highlights,

Crime Karrwai

नैनीताल: दो जनप्रतिनिधियों ने खोले एक-दूसरे के राज, दोनों के शैक्षणिक प्रमाण पत्र पाए गए फर्जी, गई कुर्सी (Farji pramanpatron se gai kursi)

farji pramanpatron se gai kursi, Nainital: Two people’s representatives opened each other’s secrets, the educational certificates of both were found to be fake, the chair was lost
Naveen Samachar, Nainital, 2 June 2023. It is said that thieves are cousins. Probably because both of them being thieves, they keep each other’s secrets of theft hidden. But if one of them reveals the secret of the other, then the secret of the other is bound to be revealed. Something similar has happened in Baraun village panchayat of Okhalkanda block of Nainital district.

awara kutton w yatayat samasyaen

नैनीताल : यहां सुबह तड़के से शुरू हो जाती हैं यातायात और आवारा कुत्तों की समस्याएं, हाईकोर्ट के आदेश के बावजूद प्रशासन जागता है देर से (awara kutton w yatayat samasyaen)

Nainital: awara kutton w yatayat samasyaen, Problems of traffic and stray dogs start here from early morning, administration wakes up late despite High Court’s order
Naveen Samachar, Nainital, 2 June 2023. Yes, to say Sarovarnagari Nainital is not only the district and divisional headquarters, but the state’s High Court is also present here. But in spite of this even here despite the orders of the High Court, it seems that the administrative machinery is not ready to work.
The situation is that the problems in the city start early in the morning, but the administrative machinery wakes up late in the afternoon. We are talking about the problem of traffic and stray dogs here.


कुछ ही घंटों में की गई 1000 से अधिक लोगों के पुलिस सत्यापन की कार्रवाई (Police verification)

Police verification of 1000 in few hours, Police verification of more than 1000 people done in a few hours, Landlords were challaned for ₹ 10-10 thousand for not verifying the external laborers, further the police will conduct verification by setting up camps at various places in the entire district, kuchh hee ghanton mein kee gaee 1000 se adhik logon ke pulis satyaapan kee kaarravaee -baaharee majadooron ka satyaapan nahin karaane par makaan maalikon ka kiya gaya ₹10-10 hajaar ka chaalaan, aage poore janapad mein jagah-jagah shivir lagaakar pulis karegee satyaapan

Nainital Tourism

सरोवरनगरी में पर्यटन सीजन अब अपने उफान पर, एक हजार से अधिक वाहन नगर से बाहर खड़े कराए गए (Tourism season in Nainital)

Tourism season in Nainital boom, Sarovarnagari is now on its boom,Tourism season in Sarovarnagari is now on its boom, more than one thousand vehicles were parked outside the city, sarovaranagaree mein paryatan seejan ab apane uphaan par, ek hajaar se adhik vaahan nagar se baahar khade karae gae,


सड़क पर गड्ढों से बिड़ला चुंगी के पास हजारों क्षेत्रवासियों-सैलानियों की जान जोखिम में (Sadak par gaddhe)

sadak par gaddhe, lives at risk near Birla Chungi, Birla Chungi, potholes on the road, sadak par gaddhe, on se bidala chungee ke paas hajaaron kshetravaasiyon-sailaaniyon kee jaan jokhim mein,


सीवर लाइनों के उफनने का हॉट स्पॉट बना चिकित्सा कर्मियों के आवासों के पास का क्षेत्र…

The area near the residences of the medical personnel became a hot spot for the overflow of sewer lines, seevar lainon ke uphanane ka hot spot bana chikitsa karmiyon ke aavaason ke paas ka kshetr,