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May 23, 2024

नवीन समाचार’ प्राइम टाइम : उत्तराखंड के आज के टॉप-5 नवीन समाचार


Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-3rd October 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-2nd October 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-1st October 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-13th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-12th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-11th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-10th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-9th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-8th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-7th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-6th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-5th September 2021 :

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-4th September 2021 :

  1. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Saturday laid the foundation stone of the building of the Faculty of Science of Government Post Graduate College, Maldevta Raipur,  Dehradun. On this occasion, he announced the establishment of 8 new colleges in the state. It was announced that new colleges would be opened in Dehradun, Haldwani, Haridwar, Gadarpur, Danya Almora, Kaljikhal &  Khirsu in Pauri and Dewaal Chamoli. Along with this, 7 state Degree colleges of Munsiyari, Gairsain Kapkot, Someshwar, Halduchaurh, Laksar and Thalisain will be upgraded from undergraduate to postgraduate.
  2. Arjuna Awardee Manoj Sarkar of Uttarakhand won the bronze medal by defeating Daisukh of Japan in the Tokyo Paralympics. He is the first player of Uttarakhand, ever to win a medal in the Paralympics. Since then there is an atmosphere of celebration and happiness in his family. His wife Reva Sarkar has told that Manoj will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi before coming to Rudrapur. Earlier, Manoj had lost in straight sets 21-8, 21-10 to Daniel Bethel of Great Britain in the semi-final match of the SL-3 category of badminton game at Paralympics. He then went on to face Daisukh of Japan for the bronze medal, in which he won 22-20, 21-12 and got the bronze medal for the country.
  3. The SIT, arrasted former District Social Welfare Officer of Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar, Anurag Shankhdhar, an accused in the state’s famous post-decade scholarship scam, from New Delhi. It has been told that Anurag Shankhdhar’s name is in 55 cases related to this scam that took place between 2011 and 2018. Cases are registered against him in 10 police stations of Udham Singh Nagar district. He has already been suspended by the Social Welfare Department. It is noteworthy that even before this, Shankhdhar was arrested in the month of December.
  4. The landslide that started on the cold road of Nainital since last Friday night is continuing. There has been a big landslide here on Saturday morning as well. During this, a large amount of debris got absorbed in the Naini Lake with the explosion. A big tree has also fallen along with the landslide. Along with this, the danger is increasing continuously here. It is noteworthy that geologists have told this as a big warning for Nainital city.
  5. In Nainital, a huge oak tree fell on Nainital Kaladhungi Road near Uttarakhand High Court on Saturday morning at around 11.15 am. This blocked the road and stopped vehicular traffic. During this, a hotel worker narrowly escaped being hit by a falling tree. The power line was also damaged due to the falling of the tree. Later, the tree could be removed from the road at around 3 am, and only then the vehicular movement started on the road. Power Department SDO Paryank Pandey said that one electric pole and LT, 11KV and 33KV lines have been broken due to falling of trees. It may take up to two days to repair these lines.

Top-5 News of Uttarakhand-3rd September 2021 :

  1. Manoj Sarkar of Uttarakhand has reached the semi-finals of Tokyo Para Olympics by winning the badminton competition by his better play and tremendous smashes and drops etc. In the quarter-final match played on Friday, Manoj defeated Alexander Chirkov of Ukraine 2-0 in straight sets in 28 minutes and won the hearts of the country and especially the people of Uttarakhand with the match. He won the first set with 21–16 in the fifteenth minute of the match and the second set in the thirteenth minute with 21–9 and won the match and entered in Semi Final.
  2. Nainital district’s In-charge minister Yashpal Arya and MLA Sanjeev Arya gave gifts worth more than Rs.6 crore to Betalghat on Friday. During this, asphaltization work of 54 lakhs was announced. Along with this, 402 lakh schemes were inaugurated and foundation stone of 145 lakh schemes was also laid. On this occasion, wheelchairs, crutches, sticks, eye glasses, retarded intelligence kits, tripods, walkers, hearing aids etc. were presented to the needy. Along with this, many people were also vaccinated against Kovid.
  3. Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Harish Rawat is always in the news for his statements on social media. In the past, he had said that some battles have to be fought for the sake of principles, party, society, country, province etc. But now he looks scared. He has expressed the apprehension of acid attack on the leaders of the Congress party in Pariwartan Ralley, which started from today. Mr Rawat has expressed apprehension on social media that ‘acid in ink may be thrown at Congress leaders by instigating students in political rivalry, or by encouraging certain people’. It is worth mentioning that earlier, Mr. Rawat had made a discussion on a former bureaucrat by making a statement regarding political exaggeration for three political parties of the state.
  4. The Congress party has started the Parivartan Yatra from Khatima on Friday against the BJP government of the state. During this, party leaders, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat, Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh and State President Ganesh Godiyal attacked the state government fiercely on issues like inflation, unemployment, harassment of farmers etc. He said that if the Congress government comes in the state, it will bring justice to the youth, women and the elderly. Told that through the Parivartan Yatra, in five phases, the failures of the BJP will be brought to the people across the state.
  5. Haldwani Police of Nainital district on Friday arrested a big thief, against whom 10 cases are registered in Chandigarh and Panchkula areas of Haryana and nine in Haldwani area i.e. 19 cases. The accused is originally a resident of Uttarakhand and has been living in Mohali Chandigarh for the last 14 years. He had carried out eight incidents of theft and robbery here within three days. Several stolen purses and other items including three scooties were recovered from his possession. The SSP of the Nainital has announced a reward of 2,500 rupees to the team that arrested him.

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