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नैनीताल पुलिस के हत्थे चढ़े 15 लाख रुपए से अधिक की स्मैक के साथ दो तस्कर-Smack

Smack, The Nainital police, in collaboration with the Anti-Narcotics Task Force (ANTF) and Special Operations Group (SOG), have made a significant breakthrough in their fight against drugs. Two smugglers from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, were apprehended in the Vanbhulpura area with a substantial quantity of smack weighing 155.5 grams. The estimated value of the seized drugs is reported to be over Rs 15 lakh. The arrests were made during a routine inspection near Uttarakhand Gramin Bank in Line No. 17 Vanbhulpura. The accused individuals, identified as Mohd. Junaid and Mohd. Bilal, confessed to purchasing the drugs from Mirganj Bareilly and intended to deliver them to a woman in Banbhulpura. The police have filed charges against them under Section 8/21 of the NDPS Act.